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Crimes against children are at an epidemic in the U.S. because of two reasons, lack of education and lenient sentences. CWAV is dedicated to both. Our Action Alerts detail specific child abuse cases and advocates for maximum efforts and sentencing on behalf of law enforcement, judges and prosecutors.

Please support our prosecutorial efforts to end crimes against children by becoming a child advocate today! By subscribing to our Action Alerts, you will receive our 4-8 cases a month with District Attorney contact information. Simply copy and paste the sample email we provide, asking the prosecuting attorney to pursue maximum prosecutorial efforts and, upon conviction, push for maximum sentencing in each case. Not until we all rise up and say no more to lenient sentencing and ask for tougher sentencing, will this epidemic in America end.

Send 8-10 emails a month to district attorneys in specific child abuse cases, asking for maximum sentencing and tougher laws by signing up to receive our Action Alerts and help save children’s lives.

Please be a voice for the children today.

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